164% increase in leads for UK's biggest financial planning provider

The challenge

Previously Harrington Brooks had been managing the PPC for debtfree.co.uk in-house. Unfortunately they found that each time they managed to increase the number of leads coming through, the cost per lead (CPL) also jumped up dramatically. In this highly competitive market, every1 needed to craft a campaign that would increase lead volume whilst reducing CPL, to create value and maximise profitability for Harrington Brooks.

Harrington Brooks PPC

The solution

A number of changes were addressed immediately to improve effectiveness. In particular, a strategic restructure was key, which involved separating different business areas and types of keywords. Our team also carried out analysis to identify the best performing times and locations, so that the strategy applied would be appropriate for call centre hours and guarantee a strong lead to sale ratio. What’s more, expanding out to other search engines and creating new ad copy proved highly successful.

Harrington Brooks PPC

The results

Results of the optimised campaign were immediate, with an increase in leads of 164% occurring within month 1. Developing more in-depth reporting also enabled the impact of the campaign to increase on a month by month basis. The CPL has continued to reduce every month, currently resulting at half of the original CPL at the start of the campaign. every1’s carefully tailored strategy has made PPC a truly viable marketing tool for Harrington Brooks, connecting their brands with more consumers.

51% Increase in conversion rate
164% Increase in leads
50% Reduction in cost per lead (CPL)

Client feedback

every1 delivered a very optimistic proposal for our PPC account, which we found difficult to turn down. Only a month into the delivery, it was clear that the projections presented to us were being delivered, with an added benefit of our CPL reducing more than we would have anticipated. We do a lot of projects with every1 and working closely with the team on our PPC account, demonstrated to us that they are a fantastic ROI agency.

Mike Healey. Commercial Director