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Influencer marketing

Reach your target audiences instantly and effortlessly

Influencer marketing (sometimes known as blogger outreach) means engaging with and building trust amongst your target audience by working with bloggers, social media content creators, online publications, and journalists.

Your influencers might come in a number of formats from brand ambassadors, to affiliates, to YouTube stars, to your ‘traditional’ blogger – it’s definitely not just celebrities trying to promote weight-loss tea.

By working with influencers, you can reach relevant individuals and promote your products or services effectively. With a built-in trust factor, their following will generally respect what the influencer is endorsing or recommending.

Influencer marketing delivers on your return on investment too. In fact, 89% of marketers indicate that the ROI is as good as, or better, than other marketing tactics. We’ll give that a 'like'!

Influencer marketing strategies take a lot of thought and consideration as not every influencer is appropriate for every brand – no matter how many Instagram followers they say they have. As a successful influencer marketing agency, we’re already engaging with the relevant people that your content needs to be in front of.

Influencer Marketing

What influencer marketing helps achieve…

Building trust with your audience

By working with notable online influencers, whether they have a larger following or are part of a smaller niche, you can build trust with your audience, especially if your audience is already engaged with them.

Improving brand awareness

An influencer marketing campaign, which utilises bloggers, social media stars, and online content creators, by sharing unique and engaging posts will reach your audience, and beyond, to naturally generate brand awareness.

Reaches your target audience

Relevant influencers are already engaging with your target audience. This means your potential customers and clients are ready and waiting for that killer content.

Helps to build relationships

Having good connections puts you in good stead for the future. Maintaining and nurturing relationships with online influencers opens new opportunities for your brand.

How we engage and promote your content

  1. Research

    Discovering what niches you should be targeting helps us filter through our blogger and influencer networks to find the right fit for you. This can be developed over time to enable us to build relationships and create new ones. And remember, it’s not always the influencers with the largest following that will bring the best results.

  2. Influencer targeting

    Understanding the true value of an influencer is the key to targeting the right ones. Vanity metrics, such as amount of followers, can distract from how relevant that influencer may be i.e. do real people engage on their posts (comments, likes etc.)? Is their content shared within the right niche? A great range of high quality micro-influencers might be a more effective technique than one macro-influencer with a vast amount of followers.

  3. Content development

    We’ll keep track of all the correspondence with have with your influencers, enabling us to track analyse communication, ensuring everything is on track. Monitoring engagement metrics, such as website visits, social mentions, and reviewing backlinks gives us scope to see how well the campaign is working.

Influence your market

We’re an integrated influencer marketing agency with extensive expertise in digital PR and SEO, which gives us an edge in knowing which influencers will help aid your marketing efforts – and those which are best to avoid.

Our in-depth research and blogger networks ensure we have the right contacts and build trusting relationships with influencers who continue to want to work with us and our brands, delivering solid results and increasing engagement metrics.

What our clients say

We'd never tried influencer marketing before, but as a retailer, we realised that it was a tactic that could have potential. every1 worked with us to plan an event at one of our stores, inviting 25 local influencers and delivering the event. We were over-the-moon with the outcome and it was great seeing us featured on so many different blogs and social media channels.

Danny Bond, Head of Ecommerce at Peter Jackson the Jeweller

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