Google searches reveal UK’s most loved up places this Valentines

By every1 / February 10th 2020

Millions of Google searches have highlighted a north / south divide when it comes to who is the most romantic on Valentine’s Day. 

Research from every1 marketing agency shows that some of the most romantic cities are in the north of the country, with many of the least romantic cities in the south.

Based on Google Search Trends, the agency discovered that individuals in northern cities are more likely to search for Valentine’s Day and Valentine’s related terms, as opposed to those living in the south.

 In fact, just six out of 20 of the top romantic cities in the UK were based in the south.

Wythenshawe comes out top in the love stakes, being home to some of the UK’s most romantic individuals, as they searched Valentine’s Day more than any other place in the UK.

Most romantic cities and towns in the UK

A list of the most romantic towns in the UK

From the dizzying romantic heights of Leeds and Bolton, comes the hard-heartedness of the likes of Bristol and London, as southern cities ranked lowest on the romance scale.

Least romantic cities and towns in the UK

A list of the least romantic towns in the uk

Our research shows that in the UK, last minute love is the way forward, and Brits wait until February 11th before they even start thinking about Valentine’s Day – and it’s not until the 13th February that everyone begins to think about Valentine’s Day flowers. This is potentially a risky move, especially if you’re after a special bouquet, rather than a garage forecourt discount bunch.

So what exactly are these loved-up northerners searching for and how are they celebrating Valentine’s Day in 2020?

Most searched for Valentine’s meal deals

Supermarket Valentine’s dine in for two meal deals have surged in popularity over the last few years, with more people deciding to treat their loved ones to a home-cooked meal, rather than splashing out at a fancy restaurant.

Supermarkets hitting the big time at Valentine’s include some of the UK’s favourites. Again, the highest searches for this are on February 13th, meaning many of the British public haven’t even thought about booking a restaurant, relying on their local store to have everything they need in stock. The top 5 UK supermarkets searches for a Valentine’s meal deal include:

  1. Waitrose
  2. Morrisons
  3. Sainsbury’s
  4. M&S
  5. Co-op

Marks and Spencer’s ‘Love Sausage’ is also causing a stir for searchers, as the retailer brings it back for another Valentine’s Day treat. Although not included in their regular ‘Dine in for £20’ Valentine’s offer, the aptly named ‘Love Sausage’ has been raising heart rates across the country – and causing a social media frenzy:

In fact, ‘Love Sausage’ is most searched for on February 14th – we just hope it’s the edible kind.

Most searched for e-commerce stores

Although Brits tend to leave it last minute to buy a Valentine’s gift, it’s still online stores that are coming out top, with brands such as Pandora and Moonpig offering guaranteed delivery dates before Valentine’s Day. Our research shows the UK’s top Valentines retailers include:

  1. Pandora
  2. Tesco
  3. Moonpig
  4. Not on the High Street
  5. Card Factory

Some of the more unique gifts from these sites include personalised coffee stencils, a love lightbulb, and a plethora of quirky cards, from Kanye West, Prince Harry, and Ru Paul – allowing you to tell your Valentine ‘Shantay, you stay – forever’.

Who are we searching for?

Not only is it the battle of north and south in this country, but also whether wives, husbands, girlfriends or boyfriends rise to the top when it comes to who we’re buying for – and it’s clear to see who the winners are from the thousands of Google searches performed in the run up to Valentine’s:

  1. Valentine’s gift for boyfriend
  2. Gifts for men
  3. Valentine gifts for him UK
  4. Valentine’s day gifts for men
  5. Funny Valentines’ gifts for him

It looks like boyfriends and husbands can expect to have some serious planning and thought put into their gifts – but it appears girlfriends and wives might not be so lucky.

Digital PR expert and search trend spotter at every1, Lauren Henley, said: “Search habits around Valentine’s Day show some interesting trends – and terms around Valentine’s Day, are increasing year on year. However, the cynic in me thinks this might be down to a rise in online purchasing habits than an increase in people falling in love!

“What is clear is though, is that the north / south divide is as prominent as ever and although we’re not sure if this really reflects how romantic each part of the country is, it certainly shows how often we’re searching and what we’re searching for – and it’s definitely the north that have got the biggest romantics.”