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SEO is a critically important aspect in determining the commercial success of your website. The strategy you follow, and how you carry it out, can dictate whether your website thrives on search results and provides your business with consistent sales and leads, or fails to deliver any profitability to your company.

It is vital that you work with an SEO agency who understand how to increase the visibility and exposure of a website to customers who are actively looking to make a purchase or enquiry. By enhancing your site’s relevance and credibility, this long-term approach builds brand awareness and trust - delivering highly targeted traffic and great ROI.

every1 apply a considered, tailored approach to all campaigns. A ‘one size fits all’ approach certainly doesn’t hit the spot for SEO. It’s important to consider carefully the nature of the sector concerned, how people typically search for those products/services and the position of your company within that sector. When executed well, SEO is the catalyst to online success and our astute team apply knowledge and expertise to deliver consistent results for our clients.

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Our SEO process

Search Engine Optimisation

Our SEO approach

Because we know that no two digital projects are ever the same, every1 follow a proven, strategical process that we know works, driven by requirement, research and insight. This offers clients a fantastic baseline for a successful SEO campaign that is flexible to their business needs.

  1. Audit & analysis

    A comprehensive audit of the effectiveness and profile of your existing site is combined with in-depth analysis of the nuances of your sector in terms of search behaviours and competition.

  2. Strategy

    Incorporating clear goal orientated KPIs, a bespoke strategy is developed which is appropriate for your business.

  3. Technical

    The structure and technical aspects of your site need to be designed to ensure google can access and understand the whole site. Our techniques ensure none of your valuable content is hidden or misinterpreted.

  4. Content

    Professionally written on-page content and well targeted blogs that reflect search patterns, will earn you respect from Google and engage your buyers.

  5. Outreach

    Think of links as votes. The more quality links/votes you have from respected sources the higher profile you’ll be. High profile link creation campaigns are applied to increase website authority and ranking.

  6. Reporting & measurement

    Monthly updates and detailed quarterly strategy reports keep you informed and ensure momentum continues. Activity can be adapted as required to continually maximise the results delivered.

Precision and expertise applied by a leading SEO agency

every1’s experienced team work closely with brands to develop specific strategies based on ensuring clear commercial objectives are met. Not only do we establish action points and timescales, we also ensure that each business is integrated into our strategy to promote awareness and understanding of every step we take to elevate their online profile.

Our team then apply an efficient and adaptable approach to SEO. This nurtured and tailored, tactical approach has led us to many highly successful, award-winning campaigns. We continue to develop the best methods to connect brands with buyers whilst maximising performance and success.

What our clients say

every1 has been a great part of our digital marketing strategy, overachieving ROI targets and having a key focus on increasing our keyword positions.  Jon and Emma are always on the phone if you need to speak to them about anything and the monthly reports are really in-depth and helpful. I would recommend working with every1 as your digital agency.

Andrew Heppinstall, Pebble Grey

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is SEO?

    SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’. This is the process of optimising a website for specific keywords, in order to help it rank better on search engines such as Google. The better you rank for keywords related to your business’s site, the more people are likely to find your business online. In turn, this can help increase traffic to your site, as well as enquiries and, potentially, sales and revenue. Google uses over 200 factors to decide where a website should rank, and SEO allows for a website to be as best placed as possible across all of these factors to rank well.

  2. Do I need SEO work on my website?

    While not every website needs SEO, every website can certainly benefit from it. The proper optimisation, through either technical changes or on-page content work, can transform how a search engine views your webpage massively. An uplift across the correct keywords can also boost your online profile.

  3. How long does SEO take?

    In reality, SEO can be an endless process. Search engines are constantly updating their algorithms to decide who will rank well and who won’t. This means that the best techniques are always changing too.

  4. Does SEO really work?

    When SEO is done with a fully implemented bespoke strategy that follows best practice, SEO can be the driving force to building an online presence and creating revenue online.

  5. How much does it cost?

    A bespoke strategy suited to your website is required to offer the best ROI on SEO services, which means SEO costs can vary massively. It completely depends on the size of your website, the amount of technical work required, and how well the site already performs.