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Beige inevitably will blend in to most scenarios and that's ok when you’re trying to stay unnoticed. Often. in crowded marketplaces, brands need to shine brighter than ever before. We believe that for any brand to truly succeed, it has to fill a need that another brand can't provide or do something better than the brand that can. That’s the only way a brand can truly penetrate people’s minds - be memorable and transformative. Be different.

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How we avoid beige?

It comes down to a couple of key things. Understanding human behaviour and knowing how to tell a great story. We craft our client's stories through one way and one way only. We call it brand discovery. It's our proven method for making your big idea a reality, whether it be creating a new brand to launch or repositioning an existing one to compete in your marketplace. We have refined brand discovery over several years and it's the beginning, middle and end for all our branding projects. We break this process down into the following:

Branding - The truth

The truth

We focus on getting to the heart of your brand, the truth, the why behind your business, regardless of whether you're a startup or blue chip business. To do this we carry out insight focused research, along with collaborative workshops to ensure the work is based on fact, not fiction. When we know what makes you tick, we can better understand how to win the hearts and minds of those of you we need to influence and engage.

Branding - The truth
Branding - Stategy first

Commercial challenges

When it comes to delivering great stories, one of the biggest challenges is cutting through the noise and focusing on the few things that always make the difference. Our strategic and creative teams focus on creating a strategy and brand architecture that combines commercial objectives with budget reality. Here we distill the essence of what the work needs to deliver for both brand and customer. This ensures we deliver on results, expectations and differentiation.

Branding - Stategy first
Branding - The story

The story

Traditionally, branding processes will typically focus on the organisation. While this is important, we prefer to look beyond and tell great stories that focus on your brand's audiences. We do this because stories have the power to change the way we feel, think and behave which, inspires people to take action. Through brand expression and integration, we explore ways to bring to life your brand story across the customer journey, from identity to multichannel communications.

Branding - The story

What we do

No two client projects are the same, they vary. From creative visualisation, insight and research through to campaign execution, our brand services help us deliver the following:

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  • Brand Strategy
  • Identity Creation
  • Campaign Development
  • Positioning
  • Internal Communications
  • Research
  • Guidelines
  • Packaging
  • Asset Development
Accentuate Stationary Design
Accentuate Stationary

Where brand discovery helps our clients

Brand discovery has been designed to help create, launch and build brands - supporting our clients to take advantage of business opportunities or overcome commercial challenges.

Business Opportunities

  • Enter new markets with existing or new offerings
  • Gain market share
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Create premium and value
  • Improve marketing activity effectiveness
  • Reduce cost of acquiring customers

Commercial challenges

  • Low brand awareness and recognition down
  • Losing sales momentum and underperforming
  • Being overtaken by competitors
  • Feeling “me too” in the market
  • Cost of acquiring leads or customers increasing
  • Not attracting or keeping the best talent
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From the first meeting, the team at every1 differentiated themselves from all the other agencies we had approached. Their ability to engage the whole organisation in the brand-building project for Accentuate was unrivalled. What we truly appreciated was their ability to align with our culture and vision and immediately lock onto our DNA

Dr Graeme Fraser-Bell, CEO, Accentuate Games Ltd


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