Delivering International and local leads for a leading independent school

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The challenge

Rossall School is a leading independent boarding school, based in Fleetwood, Lancashire, which offers coeducational schooling for UK and international students up to 18 years old. The school came to every1 looking for a digital marketing partner, who could help them drive online leads and enquiries to their website.

Research and findings

We established the target audience consisted of researching parents - parents looking for an independent boarding school for their child. As the audience was in ‘research mode’, we knew, based on customer behaviour, that we would need to build a strategy that focused on delivering an effective volume of clicks – rather than brand engagement. This meant the initial base of our strategy would be through broad targeting. Our lead channel to deliver this traffic was search marketing, focusing on driving paid and organic volume.

01 Waste not, want not

We planned our campaigns around driving high click-through rates, increasing brand visibility to anyone searching for a boarding school in the UK, without wasting budget on non-interactive positions.

02 Timing and trust

We analysed the site data to understand and identify the target audience’s customer journey. By doing this, we established at what point in time trust was built and users felt comfortable enough to start a conversation with schools. We then knew to build a strategy around getting people to this point as cost efficiently as possible.

03 Mobile first

By reviewing device and conversion data, it was clear that our audience were engaging via mobile rather than desktop. We found mobile devices delivered over 86% of conversions and over 75% of clicks.

Rossall google results

The solution

From our insight, we concluded that the best strategy was to introduce Rossall to the audience when they were closer to a conversion. This meant they would be further down the sales funnel, while we used ads that offered more relevance to them, based on the variety of different search terms they could have used.

To support this, we adopted a strategy to have Rossall appear either at the bottom of page one or the top of page two of Google results. This was instead of spending our budget in a competitive market trying to appear in the top four positions. We also focused on bringing down the cost-per-click on targeted, phrase-match keywords, towards the end of page one bids and shifting spend into mobile-first advertising.

It’s all about the results

Getting your ranking positions right on the search terms that matter is vital for your business. If you fail to rank well, the chances of users finding you is minimal.

The result

Moving our targeting method further down the sales funnel, and engaging people with relevant ads further into their user journey, allowed us to drive more conversions at a lower cost. This allowed us to drive more leads without increasing our monthly spend. The changes in our strategy led to an immediate uplift in performance – the stats speak for themselves!


increase in clicks


cost per conversion


increase in conversions

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We’ve been overwhelmed with the results that every1 has achieved for Rossall. They were incredibly detailed in their approach to our PPC campaign in order to drive more leads to the website. We’re always looking for effective ways to attract new students and enquiries - the team at every1 certainly helped us to achieve that, as well as keeping our conversion costs low. We’re ecstatic to have partnered with them on this project.

Nancy Fielden, Head of Marketing at Rossall School