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The challenge

PFP Energy’s legacy website was overdesigned and expensive to update. It lacked flexibility and struggled to keep up with user expectations in the fast-paced energy industry.

Our challenge was to produce a modern website that targeted both domestic and commercial audiences. The site required users to self serve via a secure "My Account" area, with the aim of reducing pressure on customer service teams.

To support new client acquisition a “Quoting Portal” was also required to enable customers to see how much they could save and switch to PFP Energy with ease.

Requirements workshop

The first step was to hold a workshop to discuss the comprehensive business requirement documents. Stakeholders provided us with business context which enabled us to understand the target audiences, identify their needs and ensure the optimal solution was delivered. Key findings included:

PFP Energy


  • A reduction in customer service call waiting times
  • A simple, yet flexible, administration of digital platforms
  • Field sales teams to intuitively generate saving comparisons and quotes for customers
  • To promote the offering to SMEs and commercial brokers

Domestic customers


  • Quick responses to queries or problems
  • Multiple ways of getting in touch at convenient times
  • Ability to find information relating to their account



  • Ability to manage potentially complex account structuress
  • Quick response times
  • To understand that they are supported by an experienced team



  • Understand the benefits of a partnership
  • Confidence in a dedicated broker support team
  • A range of benefits (USPs) to present to customers

The solution

Our solution was built using drag-and-drop modular content blocks, enabling the marketing team to create new pages and add content without layout restriction.

The “My Account” and “Quoting Portal” is powered by data from Junifer (a customer information system) via a robust API integration. This provided customers with access to self-serve tools that enabled them to make and manage payments, renew accounts, manage account details, submit readings and view consumption.


Acquisition Portal

My Account

Ready to convert!

Let us introduce you to the new PFP Energy website – Supporting field sales agents in the acquisition of new customers, with real-time savings and quotes.

A customer-centric solution

The website, “My Account” and “Quoting Portal” are now seamlessly integrated. Let’s take a look at this in more detail:

01 Brand-new online presence

With the introduction of an improved colour palette, there is now a clear distinction between PFP Energy’s domestic and commercial offering. This makes it easier for the company to communicate effectively with different audiences.

An emergency messaging module also allows for sitewide or audience specific information to be presented when the need occurs.

02 Help & support

Comprehensive help and support and jargon explainer sections aim to provide customers with answers to queries, while educating them about the self serve available.

Improved contact forms and live chat help to reduce customer waiting times, especially at busy periods.

03 Account management tools

Customers can easily and intuitively administer their accounts online. This enables them to make and manage payments, renew and manage account details, submit readings and view consumption.

Client feedback

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I’d like to thank the team at every1 for helping us to make this happen. Not only have they had to learn all about the crazy energy industry, but they’ve had to deal with me and my...demands! I couldn’t have asked for a better local team to work with!

Hannah Wake, Lead Project Manager at PFP Energy