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The challenge

As part of our ongoing relationship with James’ Places, we were asked to pitch for the design, development, and launch of a new wedding website to promote all of their stunning venues, under the ‘Dream Venues’ brand.

The brief was to design a visually beautiful website, with a core purpose of driving enquiries, whilst providing a seamless user journey, inspiration and guidance. As part of this, we also had to consider site content and SEO, so that when the site went live, it had plenty of information for individuals considering their wedding options.

The solution

After winning the competitive pitch, we had an internal workshop to identify personas, the customer journey, required content, and device types. All of this information allowed us to scope out the wireframe and sitemap of the website, before any design was applied. With the majority of the target audience starting their wedding journey in the research/inspiration stage, before making a definite decision, we took a mobile-first approach to the website.

Details of the venues were clearly shown, answering and identifying key pieces of information that most individuals would be keen to access, such as venue address, guest numbers, and outdoor areas. As well as a focus on optimising for mobile, technology also featured highly to ensure the site was future-proofed for younger generations. Gesture based functionality and sticky call to actions, are just a few examples of this.

Dream Venues case study

Digital Marketing

Sat on a new domain, the site needed some TLC before it went live. This meant preparing it for launch and building up its authority from the get go. This was done by improving the backlink profile, as well as producing quality landing page and blog content, based on keyword analysis and search trends within the wedding industry.

During the build-up to site launch, we promoted the brand through digital PR and social media, gathering user generated wedding stories, that allowed us to create shareable, relatable site content that boosts traffic.

Since launch, we have supported the Dream Venue website with social media competitions, such as ‘win your dream proposal’, to gather data and brand awareness, which will eventually lead to press releases, industry articles, and backlinks.

Dream Venues - digital marketing

“We are delighted with the delivery of the Dream Venue website project achieved through the support and expertise of every1, we are continuing to work with the team for further marketing support”

Heidi Kettle Marketing Manager James Places
Dream Venues - website

The results

Due to our forward-thinking and tactical SEO, the website performed well from launch and continues to gain momentum. Our UX/UI work enabled us to create a digital platform that not only looks great, but also converts to a very high standard - so much so that 7.4% of users that visit the website, actually make an enquiry too.

We’re incredibly proud of the site, as well as the work we continue to deliver for James’ Places - and we’re looking forward to pushing the potential of this website even further in the future.


Form enquiries

(+11.6% above target)

Conversion Rate

(Lead generation site average 4%)

Backlinks Secured

(In first 3 months)