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The challenge

When Cube Desserts approached us, they were a locally established dessert restaurant looking to break into a new location. They had three successful branches across East Lancashire, whilst on the verge of launching a new Preston based restaurant, with delivery service.

Despite having a strong following on social media, their lack of physical presence in Preston meant that it certainly wasn’t going to be a piece of cake.

Cube Desserts came to every1 needing to create a buzz around their brand new store - with a unique goal of creating a queue outside the front door. Social media stars and influencers, local connections, and an in-depth knowledge of the area proved to be a recipe for sweet success, as we were able to deliver footfall and awareness for Cube, in a limited amount of time.

The solution

After identifying Cube’s target audiences of younger people and the student community, we focused our PR and social media strategy to deliver maximum exposure on the right channels. People eat with their eyes, so a highly visual social media campaign, focusing mainly on Instagram, tied in with competitions, local press, offline promotions, and influencer shoutouts, all worked together to help build local awareness.

We were also keen to find the perfect local influencer who could engage with Cube’s audience - and for this we looked to TikTok, a growing platform for a younger audience.

To ensure the campaign was a success, we had to use a multi-layered approach, so that our target audience was approached from different avenues. These included:

  • Working with local press to promote the event
  • Increasing followers on Cube Desserts’ social media profiles
  • Utilising social media influencers to generate high quality content
  • Posting on the appropriate platforms for our audience, such as TikTok and Instagram

Channels used

Social media (paid & organic) - We carried out 11 campaigns, targeting students from the surrounding college and university, as well as individuals aged between 13 - 65.

Influencer marketing (macro & micro) - We arranged for eight micro and two micro-influencers from the local area to review and share their visit to Cube, with pictures and videos of the desserts, on social media, including TikTok. Macro-influencer, Chloe Rose, led the charge with over 4 million social followers on TikTok and Instagram - and her followers certainly ‘ate up’ her posts.

Offline promotion - With the restaurant opening being so close to the Christmas period, we capitalised on the footfall of the Preston lights switch on, arranging sampling and promotion of their desserts in and around Preston City Centre.

Local PR - we conducted desk-drops which included a sample of products to local papers. The launch of the venue was covered in the local paper and online with a readership of 321,600.

The results

In a relatively short amount of time, we managed to secure a range of coverage and results for Cube Desserts to ensure the opening of their new Preston branch was a success.

With a reach of just over a million people, Cube certainly got its name out there, with opening night attracting a whole host of people - who are almost certainly hungry for more.






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