Integrated campaign for entertainment start-up, Accentuate Games

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The challenge

The inventors of a new board game came to us with a brilliant idea and a homemade prototype. We took the time to really explore and get under the skin of the product and what the client wanted to achieve.

Bracing ourselves for embarrassment, we fully experienced the game as a customer would; it was hilarious and reaffirmed our client’s confidence in the concept.

But, how should it look, walk and talk?

The Results


for keyword “Accentuate” within 6 months on Google


best-selling party game on Amazon after launch


increase in traffic over just 3 months

  • Accentuate packaging
  • Accentuate with peter Jones in The Dragons Den
  • Accentuate Christmas wallpaper
  • Playing Accentuate Game

The Solution

Aimed at adults, Accentuate is a traditional board game, yet needed to have a contemporary aspect that would appeal to grown-up players of all ages – one that would assert itself in a very competitive market. Looking to classic board games of years gone by for inspiration, and drawing influence from the timeless artwork of Saul Bass, we worked through a variety of ideas to explore and create its brand identity, packaging and route to market.

Accentuate expansion pack
Accentuate gameplay icons advert

Custom iconography and packaging

The whole point of Accentuate is to celebrate accents and create hilarious situations for players. With this in mind, we created iconography to depict the fun nature of Accentuate, with different icons made to represent everything from the rules to the different gameplay elements. These icons have been carried over from the cards and dice, onto the packaging, POS, website, stationery, gift tags and custom wrapping.

Accentuate game contents
Accentuate box promotional stand

Development of a responsive website

Following the brand and package design, our work continued with the development of a transactional website and promotional video. The video uses our team’s brilliant accent skills, recorded during a real game of Accentuate, and a voiceover artist for the sign-off. The video has been used as a promotional tool on the website and across social media, where it proved a great way to convey the essence of the product in an authentic and accessible way.

Accentuate website on laptop iphone

Driving online growth for a new brand

As a sales tool, a website needs visibility and this means high rankings on Google. This success can be nurtured and maintained with a content marketing strategy. Content strategies are designed using a combination of experience, research and creative brainstorming for multiple online channels – and this was especially true for Accentuate.

The main focus was encouraging people to buy the game and to support take-up by major retailers both online and offline. Our editorial planning process is cyclical and ongoing – we start with research and, especially as we start to get results, refine the strategy to improve performance and the client’s return on investment.

On-page article development

The on-page content we created included articles and infographics, which were amplified on social channels.

Accentuate On-page article content development

Off-page article development

Good outreach is not just the quality of content, but the blogs and websites you’re placing it on. We sourced excellent opportunities to get the Accentuate name publicised by working with bloggers.

Accentuate Off-page article content development
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Client story

Graeme and Fiona Fraser-Bell, Founders, Accentuate Games
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The Outcome

Accentuate has been one of every1’s all-time favourite projects – supporting entrepreneurs Graeme and Fiona Fraser-Bell’s ambitions through the first months of the product launch, with an array of digital and offline services.

With the game launched and in major retailers John Lewis, Firebox and Amazon, the pair have turn their attention to launching an Accentuate iPhone app and recently secured investment from entrepreneur extraordinaire Peter Jones on BBC’s Dragons’ Den.


for keyword “Accentuate” within 6 months on Google


best-selling party game on Amazon after launch


increase in traffic over just 3 months