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Websites that look the business & transform your business

A great website will stick in the mind of a potential customer, and this can be the difference between gaining a sale, or losing out to a competitor. It is vital that your website reaches out to your target audience, which is why care and thought needs to be put into any design and website development project.

An effective website will be your hardest working sales and marketing tool, engaging visitors and delivering revenue. Whether the objective of your site is to sell online, generate leads or simply portray your brand story - it should be built with the user journey and your end goal in mind.

every1 is a leading web design agency based in Preston. We are focused on defining and delivering captivating digital experiences that tell brand stories to target audiences. The tales we tell simplify understanding of products and services, inspiring customers and encouraging them to buy or enquire. Ultimately, we transform businesses by helping them to meet commercial objectives.

Pointing Hand

Put simply, we get customers to buy your stuff!

Digital capabilities we deliver

No two digital projects are ever the same. every1 follow a proven wireframe and build process that we know works, yet it’s often adapted; driven by requirement, research and insight.


  • E-commerce development
  • Lead generation development
  • Enterprise CMS deployment
  • Design & build API integration
  • Bespoke web development


  • User experience design
  • Wireframing
  • User & A/B testing
  • Prototyping


  • Project scoping
  • Consultancy/strategy

How our approach works

Our team of digital experts are both creative and commercial. As a web design agency we naturally get geeky over detail without losing sight of function and love tech, clever tools, solid customer experiences and even deadlines!

  1. Getting to know you

    First we need to meet. Why not get the ball rolling here? We get to know you, your team, your market, objectives and requirements - however, top of our mind will be your customers.

  2. Users rule!

    Through collaborative workshops we'll build character profiles of your customers, revealing their needs, behaviours and objectives. This allows us to create accurate buyer journeys by putting ourselves in their shoes.

  3. We pity the fools who fail to plan

    We'll need to manage your expectations and we do so by creating detailed project documents including a visual sitemap, delivery schedule and functional specification. You'll see at a glance who, what and where a project is in its lifecycle.

  4. Wireframing & prototyping

    Key pages and the layouts for different devices are wireframed. They form the blueprint for the design and build stages and help us to validate complex buyer journeys through initial user testing.

  5. Bringing it all to life

    Wireframes are brought to life by the introduction of imagery, colour, texture and tone. We understand this can often be subjective so allow for numerous iterations. Our team then write clean, efficient code using the latest best practices to ensure your project is as future friendly as possible.

  6. Launch codes ready

    Prior to launch digital solutions are rigorously tested for functionality on all major browsers and devices.

  7. What next?

    Our marketing experts will have been busy planning and prepping content for your digital marketing strategy. Post launch, they’ll look for opportunities to drive more traffic to your site. We’ll also conduct user & A/B testing which will uncover actionable insights to maximise conversions. Above all else our teams are accountable, ensuring you receive an excellent return on your investment.

A platform to suit your business needs

Prior to starting a web development project we’ll advise you on the best suited core development platform for your requirements - whether that be a free open source PHP platform or paid for .NET enterprise software.

Websites with style and bucket-loads of (revenue-generating) substance

Our meticulous approach to website design and development ensures customer journeys are slick, engaging and delightful to the eye. However, the no1. objective is always to ensure your website works hard for you by connecting your brand with buyers to deliver real commercial results.

A web design agency to fit your business needs

We understand your marketing spend needs to work as hard as possible to attract and convert customers. Whilst we have a track record of success in website design, integrations and development - we’re also skilled in the search and conversion aspects of an integrated digital strategy. What’s more, we’re also great team players and are equally nifty at delivering results as part of a multi-agency structure.

Our other core disciplines include:

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can a new website benefit my business?

    A new website can transform your online profile, from being a simple indication of online presence to becoming a revenue-driving, responsive tool that helps to drive your business. With thorough research, expertise and best practice, a well-built new website can offer you a new stream of potential customers and improve your advertising effectiveness.

  2. How much does a website cost?

    A website can vary in cost, as it depends on your requirements, such as the size of the website and the complexity of its functionality. When creating the specification for a website, we always keep in mind the ROI that the website could offer. This means you won’t have to worry about your website driving money back into your business.

  3. I offer services, but I don’t sell products online. Do I still need a website?

    The short answer is, yes. A website allows you to add the world’s biggest advertising channel to your arsenal, whether you offer B2B services, for instance, or want to provide news and information about your company. With unlimited marketing potential and the ability to introduce your brand to new customers, a website can have a massive impact on your business.

  4. What is a CMS?

    CMS stands for content management system. A CMS allows people without coding knowledge to change elements of their website, by using a graphic interface. All of the websites that we build at every1 incorporate a CMS. This allows you to do things like change content and add images and pages for new products to your site at any time.

  5. I already have a website, but could a new site help my business?

    This all depends on your current site and how it performs. If you have had the same site for a number of years, then a new website could offer you numerous benefits. Advances in development, such as better mobile responsive techniques and more up-to-date SEO friendly coding, for example, will help ensure site speed is fast. It also gives you the chance to refresh your business’s online persona, and drive new customers to your site with increased effectiveness.

What our clients say

Our new identity and website positions the Penketh group exactly where we need to be to stand out in a highly competitive market. We have already seen an increase in the number of enquiries and conversions and we’ve begun to work further with the SEO team at every1 to increase visitors and make the most of our great new website

Karen Abel, Penketh Group.

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