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Understanding the value of links and outreach

By Lauren Henley / February 28th 2018

Whether you prefer to call it link building, digital PR, online PR, or, more recently, influencer marketing, blogger outreach is a great way for your business to bring more people to your site, boost your website’s authority, and generate additional PR for your business.

When it comes to outreach, there are many different aspects to keep in mind to ensure you get the most out of your campaigns and make sure they are as effective as possible.

What makes a link valuable?

When you’re looking for outreach links, quality and relevance are massively important.

For example, a well-established site that ranks well, has a large reader base and includes a wide range of links and mentions, is definitely a positive link to pursue. These factors are key to Google seeing a site as more authoritative, meaning that a link on their site will carry a lot of weight and provide a lot of benefit to your website and brand.

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But there’s more to good links than simply being on a good website; the relevance of the link matters too. In the early days of SEO, people would purchase links on any site in an attempt to boost their own site while shouting out to search engines that these are the terms they wanted to rank well for.

Imagine a store purchasing links back to their site with the anchor text “online shoe store.”, but these links are on vastly different sites like a furniture sales site or a catering business website.

Today, Google sees that these links wouldn’t be relevant to your business. Because the links were purchased instead of earned through the quality of your site, your site would be at significant risk of search penalties.

Link Profile and Disavow files

Getting to grips with your link profile is important for businesses who want to better manage their outreach campaigns. Your link profile is comprised of all the links that point to pages within your website. Google favours some links over others, so understanding which links within your profile are beneficial, and which could potentially be a hindrance, is crucial. Making use of a link profile will help to ensure that you’re focussing on links and keywords that are relevant, positive and helpful to the success of a campaign.

Disavow files are another important tool to make use of. These files are submitted to Google and contain links that you want the search engine to disregard.

For example, you might not have previously known about the damage paid links can do, so you’d like to remove those from your link profile. These links could be the result of work done in the past by a previous SEO company, when bought unnatural links were a successful way to rank for your desired keywords, or you could be looking to undo the damage done by previous negative SEO practices.

Perhaps you’ve realised your anchor text (the clickable text in a hyperlink) has been subpar in the past, so you’d like to neaten up the keywords you rank for by removing irrelevant or poor quality anchor text from your profile.

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Or, you may be trying to create a better mix of links in your profile. Different links have different effects:

  • Links to your homepage boost overall domain authority
  • Inner page links build authority for specific search queries
  • Links to specific products can help increase visibility of a specific product.

A good mix of the links in your profile can help create a more effective SEO campaign overall.

Realise the value of outreach for your business

Making sure an outreach campaign runs well, covers a wide range of avenues, and delivers positive results can lead to long-term benefits for your business and brand.

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