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Understanding Balanced Campaign Theory

By Jon Hunter / March 7th 2018

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Whenever you spend money on your SEO and your online marketing, you need to ensure that your budget is being spent in the most effective way possible.

The key to this is balanced campaign theory. But what is it, how does it work and, more importantly, what impact can it have on your marketing strategies?

What is balanced campaign theory?

Balanced campaign theory is the way in which you decide where to aim the majority of your efforts, based on aiming to increase the importance and relevance of pages on your website.

This centres on finding the right balance between content and links. Understanding this can help you allocate your budget correctly and create a more effective and meaningful campaign.

Google aims to bring the most important and relevant information to a user’s attention. Balanced campaign theory helps you to understand the areas of weakness within your site, meaning you can correct them and increase the likelihood of you appearing higher within search results.

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Building relevance is broadly about the content on your website.

Every page on your website has the opportunity to help your website perform better, drive users to sales channels and create a sense of trust and authority that benefits a business.

This can be accomplished in several ways:

  • Blogs answering questions that relate to search queries in your field – quality blog posts that discuss issues and topics based around your product areas and services can help to build relevance and a wider authority within your sector.
  • Proper category descriptions – category pages should outline to a user what falls within each section. Whether this is for products or services, these sections should outline their general use and the benefits and USPs of getting these products and services from you.
  • Effective product descriptions – describing your products in a way that presents them as a solution to a customer problem and meets their needs.
  • Substantial on page content – writing in an authoritative manner, that also provides relevant information, solutions to problems, answers to questions and directs users to other information on your website that could prove beneficial.


Highlighting importance is often more about the links to a page. Having authoritative and well-respected sites directing back to your content emphasises that these are pages of note.

Blog posts, product sections and core pages within your site should all have links to them from elsewhere, especially if they contain information which would be of a benefit to users.

The trick is to be selective in the choices you make. Look specifically for sites that relate to your intended audience.

Our blog about understanding the value of links and outreach explains more about how your site can benefit from important links from other websites.

How technical SEO helps

Having the content and the links is all well and good but, if your site is lacking even basic technical SEO, the benefit you will see is minimal.

Removing blockages, such as poor navigation, tagging and pages not being visible to Google can help give your on-page content, and the pages linked to from elsewhere, a boost.

You improve the usability of your website, making sure that people who land on pages are guided to the next logical step in their journey, whether that’s additional research or moving into a buying funnel.

How all of this works together

Balanced campaign theory uses importance, relevance and technical SEO in tandem with each other.

The idea is that each area can make up for shortcomings in the other. For example:

You could have amazing content on your website, but nobody is reading it. Removing the technical blocks and building some links can help remedy this.

You could have a technically perfect site, but, without content and links, all that work is wasted. Employing a robust content strategy can help make the initial SEO work worthwhile.

Or you could have links going to lacklustre pages on a site with poor SEO. Revamping your website with new content and an SEO overhaul can help make those links more effective and give you a more solid foundation to generate more links in future.

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A balanced campaign for your business

From understanding how your audience search, to choosing to build content or links, there’s a lot to get to grips with when putting together an SEO strategy for your business. Whether you’re in healthcare, professional services or ecommerce for example, the techniques you use to get the best results can be very different.

We’d love to explore how our SEO strategies could deliver results for your business. To arrange a brief telephone conversation with one of our team, call 08447 550 350 or get in touch to find out more.