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Top tips for reworking blogs

By Chris Worthington / October 12th 2018

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You might have blogs on your website where you know the content is useful, but people just aren’t taking notice. Maybe you’ve undergone a change within your brand and need to update a catalogue of content to be more in line with your new image. There’s no harm in refining and revamping your content to make it work better or draw more attention to it.

To rework and recycle the blogs on your site, you should look at a number of different criteria. These are all crucial points to assess that can help you work out what you can do to maximise the potential of existing content.


  • Look at the information in your piece. Is it still valid and recent?
  • Check for new research, stats and information. This can provide the groundwork for any changes to a blog, or a new piece contrasting old and new data, for instance.
  • There’s no harm in revisiting a topic if new information offers a new perspective.


  • Is the information in your blog explained in a way that makes sense?
  • Have you oversimplified the blog, making it off-putting to more knowledgeable readers?
  • Have you overcomplicated what should be a simple blog post? Doing this can make pieces that serve as an easy-to-understand introduction to a topic less effective.
  • Try tweaking the tone of voice of your blog. It can have a massive effect on how audiences respond to it.


  • Is your blog aimed at the right audience? Would angling it towards different people make it more effective?
  • Changing the tone, language and angle you approach a topic from can tap into an entirely new audience. It can also either revitalise an existing blog or create a new piece entirely.
Illustration of a person looking at pages of text


  • Is your blog set out as large blocks of text?
  • Try smaller paragraphs, lists and images to help visualise information. Breaking up large amounts of text can make a blog easier to read and help people take more information away from it.


  • Does your blog post need to really be a blog post? Think about other options that might be more engaging:
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Animations
  • Reworking your format can be a great way to recycle your content and create new pieces, or target different audiences, using one collection of information.


This kind of ties into the other points we’ve mentioned. Look at the length of your piece of content. Is it trying to do too much in too little space? Would it benefit from being longer, or is it a rambling overly long article that dilutes its points too much?

Be direct and try to cut down on unnecessary padding. This can really tighten up an article and make it more engaging and snappy to read.

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