Time for a cup of penal-tea: Agencies begin training for the NAFF Cup

By Al Davies / February 19th 2020

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Why are footballers like web developers? They always cost more than you want to pay for.

The second annual Northern Agency Five-a-side Football (NAFF) Cup will take place on May 2nd 2020 at 9.30am.

Agencies from throughout the North have been invited to participate in the annual event, arranged by every1, based in Preston, joining together to raise money for Lancashire Mind, a mental health charity, based in the area.

Currently, ten agencies have submitted their teams, from Blackburn to Chester. Last year, the Cup was limited to Lancashire based agencies, but has now been opened up across the north of the country – making the competition even more fierce (and ensuring that more web developers experience the outdoors).

Clitheroe-based marketing agency, Digital 22, took the win in 2019, just beating Blue Wren, a software development agency, based in Preston city centre. Both are back in 2020, currently selecting their teams and making any necessary transfers.

Here at every1, we’ve already begun a rigorous training programme, including increasing our caffeine intake for higher levels of performance, as well as improving our diets (we’re going for homemade cakes, rather than shop-bought).

To surpass last year’s fundraising target, every1 is calling on local businesses to provide prizes, which will be raffled off and all proceeds will go to Lancashire Mind.

If you’re a marketing, web development, or software agency in the north, there’s still time to submit your team before you miss the transfer deadline day.

We also require sponsors for the event, as well as raffle prize donations. Please contact Lauren Henley for further information. Thank you!

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