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Promote 'what' you know, through 'who' you know to maximise results

If you’ve ever read a newspaper or magazine and seen a quote from your most fierce competitor while thinking, “that should have been me!’ - well, you’re in the right place.

Digital PR lets you be seen and heard – where your potential customers already are – online.

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"66% of adults over 16 in the UK consume news online, while 44% regularly read news on social media"

Ofcom, 2019

We ❤️ data, and dig deep into current trends across all types of media, even social, to create clever news hooks to help your brand come alive online. We then add our creative flare to turn these into captivating pitches, so when it’s time to open our not-so-little black book of journalists and influencers, we’ve got all we need to secure coverage.

Digital PR is great for:

  • Building trust with your target audience
  • Giving your brand credibility
  • Putting your in-house experts into the spotlight
  • Adding those all important backlinks to your link profile
Thought leadership

Whether your brand is bold and brave or measured and authoritative, this tactic can work for any business and has benefits for companies big and small – whatever you do and wherever you’re based.

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"96% of B2B buyers want content with more input from industry thought leaders"

Demand Gen Report, 2019

Our approach to digital PR

Our team has several years’ expertise in SEO, PR, and influencer marketing, so we’re a digital PR agency who knows a good (or bad) opportunity when we see one. They combine search marketing techniques with creativity to strike a balance between achieving a good link and getting great coverage.

What our PR involves…
  1. Brand building

    If you’re launching a new product or service, we’ll get the word out with some targeted press coverage. We will also track online mentions of your business, and competitors, on news sites, blogs and social media. This ensures each brand mention helps to increase your PR and SEO efforts.

  2. Local press

    We’ll reach out to media outlets and online influencers in your local area. This will grab the attention of your closest potential customers.

  3. National coverage

    We deliver strategic campaigns to increase brand visibility nationally. Sometimes this includes asset creation (video, survey, graphic) or sometimes it’s just a piece of data which sparks off a story. We’ll then work with macro-influencers or national newspapers to increase awareness.

  4. Trade publishing

    We’ll use thought leadership to gain credibility within your industry, whether you’re in financial services, a thriving business federation, or a leader in accountancy. This can include getting your name in some top print or online trade publications.

  5. Events and product reviews

    Planning or sponsoring an event to launch your company, or host your current (and potential) clients and customers, is a great way to build brand awareness. We can invite local and suitable influencers, organise media coverage, and help to make the event a PR success.


Where do you dream of seeing your brand online?

Perhaps you want to see your company hit the headlines of a national newspaper, or quoted in the article of a highly respected business news site.

Whatever it is, our team will work with you to find out the goals for your campaign and meet them.

Digital PR aims to gain online coverage while hitting a set of targets. This includes driving more traffic to your website, increasing your enquiries and leads, as well as building brand awareness so that you’re at the forefront of customers’ minds.

Once we know who to target, we can identify your audience and create a campaign idea that will get you noticed. We can reach out to the appropriate platform – whether that be the national news, an industry publication, a microblogger or macro social influencer

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Digital PR?

    Digital PR uses traditional PR tactics online to increase the authority of a website, helping SEO efforts as well as the usual benefits of brand awareness, exposure and trust. The main aim is to gain traffic, backlinks and coverage from publications that a company’s target audience reads, plus the high authority sites which give a competitive advantage.

  2. What value does it have?

    There are many valuable benefits to using Digital PR including traffic, quality backlinks, exposure, coverage, brand trust and social media mentions.

  3. How does it work?

    There are two things that make Digital PR work. One is through research into a company’s target audience to understand the publications which will offer the right kind of coverage; the other is creative ideas which gets you noticed by journalists.

  4. What’s the difference between Digital PR and Traditional?

    The execution and tactics are very similar, but digital has more of a focus on the right kind of traffic, backlinks and social media. Occasionally a great digital campaign will provide the same benefits such as TV, print or radio coverage – but this is not a primary target.

Ready to be seen and heard?

every1 is a digital PR agency in Preston that’s passionate about giving our clients the great coverage they deserve. We’ve worked with a wide range of brands, from leading B2B accountancy firm Optionis, to consumer-focused car experts at Hippo Motor Finance to increase their online visibility.

If you’re ready to see your brand hit the headlines for all the right reasons too, get in touch here for a chat.