Online PR

Online PR

Promote 'what' you know, through 'who' you know to maximise results

Online or digital PR builds awareness of your product or service by positioning your business as a thought leader through online channels. By engaging with media contacts of highly trusted online platforms in your sector or industry, trust and credibility will be built, in addition to boosting your SEO effectiveness and ROI.

every1 apply a strategic approach to digital PR, focused on commercial targets set - such as increasing enquiries, driving traffic to a website or building brand awareness. Once we know who to target, we can identify your audience, create a campaign idea that will get you noticed and reach out to your appropriate platforms, whether they be industry publications, bloggers or social influencers.

What online PR is great for...

Launching a new product or service

By attracting targeted press coverage and online mentions on news sites, blogs and social media, online PR will get the word out about your new offering and improve your SEO effectiveness at this critical early stage.

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Attracting increased enquiries regionally

Reaching out to online influencers and media outlets in your local area will enable you to grab the attention of more of your closest potential clients.

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Improving brand visibility nationally

Strategic campaigns, which usually includes some asset creation (videos, surveys, infographics) involve working with higher end influencers or national newspapers/sites to increase awareness of your brand.

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Building a sector specific profile

Applying a thought leadership approach will reap rewards in terms of credibility within your particular industry or sector. This can include working with print or online trade publications.

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Promoting events or attracting product reviews

Planning or sponsoring an event to launch your business or host new customers is a great way to build brand awareness. Digital PR involves attracting media coverage, inviting local influencers and helping to facilitate a successful event.

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Our results-driven online PR process

  1. Step 1

    We begin the project by researching hot topics within your sector, while considering what results you’d like to gain from the exposure. Whether you are looking for an increase in leads or to promote a new product line, we will find the best way to target the right people. By digging down into your business sector, through customer surveys, interviews or an engagement marketing event, our team will generate ideas for your tailored campaign.

  2. Step 2

    Using the data compiled during the research phase we’ll create articles, press releases, infographics or videos designed to engage your ideal target audiences.

  3. Step 3

    Once the data is compiled as a bank of assets, this will then be shared with the social influencers, blogs and online press identified as most influential in your market or sector.

Whilst digital PR campaigns typically span over a 3 month period, some campaigns may be shorter or longer dependant on your needs. Many of the brands we work with choose to build upon the engagement achieved and results delivered, with subsequent campaigns focused on maximising results further or working towards new objectives.

An integrated online PR team focused on the end results

Online PR Team

Our digital PR team have extensive expertise in SEO and building relationships with influencers, so we certainly know a good (or bad) opportunity when we see one. Combining search marketing techniques with digital PR skills is essential to strike the balance between a good link and great coverage.

Using in-depth research into your industry’s chatter, we drill down and find out what your customers are really searching for. Working closely with our content marketing teams we then pair creativity with strategic planning to create ideas that gain the coverage you need to connect your brand with more buyers and deliver commercial results.